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Urinal Toilet Commode

Urinal toilet commode, a luxurious addition to your toilet space to ensure your comfort. Built with quality materials and touched with modern cutting-edge technology. Browse and choose from our wide range of commode collections and make your toilet space luxurious.

We combine technology and environmentally friendly features to make your bathroom and guest room hygienic and convenient. Specification and features that cover:


Sensor Nozzle: Experience the touchless operation with the Sensor Nozzle technology, which reduces the risk of germs and ensures a more hygienic restroom experience.

Water-Saving Technology: Our urinal toilet incorporates water-saving technology, ensuring minimal water usage while maintaining maximum flushing efficiency.

Below 0.5% Water Absorption: The urinal’s construction, with its remarkable below 0.5% water absorption rate, ensures long-lasting durability and resistance to water damage.

Environment Friendly: SWISH is committed to providing environmental responsibility. Our urinal toilet is designed with eco-friendliness in mind, reducing water waste and conserving resources.


White Color: The sleek white colour enhances the aesthetics of any restroom, offering a clean and modern appearance.

Adjustable Water Release: The urinal toilet provides adjustable water release options, allowing for a personalized and efficient flushing experience.

Anti-Bacterial Glaze: The additional anti-bacterial glaze, is an extra layer of protection and ensures a hygienic and germ-free environment.

Choose your favourite urinal toilet from SWISH and make your personal space luxurious and comfortable. It features touchless operation, water-saving technology, and a sleek white finish. Order yours today!

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