Versatile bathware epitomizes opulence and refinement in the realm of bathroom design. From extravagant freestanding bathtubs to sleek, high-tech shower systems, every element is meticulously crafted.

Beautiful Bathrooms

with an elegant touch

The use of premium materials such as marble, brass, and chrome adds a touch of sophistication, while innovative features like LED lighting and Micro-CleanJet create a sense of indulgence and smartness.

Microcrystalline Glaze

Microcrystalline glaze for basins is a revolutionary innovation in the world of bathroom design. This type of glaze creates a unique and stunning visual effect, reminiscent of crystalline structures found in nature. Microcrystalline glaze not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of basins but also offers a germ-free and dry experience as water won’t stick to the surface.

Lotus Leaf Technology

Lotus Leaf Technology is a fascinating phenomenon inspired by the unique properties of lotus leaves. The leaves of the lotus plant have a remarkable ability to repel water and prevent dirt or other substances from sticking to their surfaces. This concept has been harnessed in various applications, including sink surfaces, to create a self-cleaning and anti-stick effect.

Product Features

Commode Basin Shower Enclosure Water Heater

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