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Luxurious Basin Collection

When seeking to cultivate an atmosphere of luxury to complement an upscale basin, SWISH is well-versed in catering to discerning tastes and provides a comprehensive assortment of products aimed at enhancing the opulence of one’s washing experience.

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Art Basins

In pursuit of elevated refinement, the selection of an Art Basin stands out as an exceptional option. Constructed from premium ceramic materials and adorned with a coated marble finish, these striking basins possess an innate artistic quality. Available in an array of sizes, shapes, and colors, the ceramic art basin product line offers a diverse range of options to peruse, allowing for a customized selection that suits individual preferences.

Counter Basin

For those in search of a freestanding basin option, the Counter Basin stands out as an optimal selection. Distinguished by its unique design and robust material composition, this basin exudes an air of refinement combined to produce a highly desirable bathroom fixture.

Wall Hung Basin

When seeking to imbue a sense of luxury within limited space, the Wall Hung basin stands as an optimal solution. Boasting easy installation and simple cleaning, this basin type is particularly suited to smaller bathroom configurations.

At SWISH.GLOBAL, we recognize the importance of selecting the ideal basin to achieve the desired look and atmosphere in one’s bathroom. With this in mind, our extensive range of basins caters to a broad spectrum of preferences, encompassing lightweight, heavy, and medium basin options.

Our collection is meticulously crafted to deliver a luxurious aesthetic and feel to your bathroom, exemplifying a commitment to both quality and style. Allow SWISH to elevate your bathroom’s ambiance with our range of exquisite basins.

Pedestal Basin

If a floor-mounted, stand-free basin is of utmost importance, the Pedestal Basin serves as a compelling solution. This basin type offers a heightened sense of space and airiness to the bathroom, while simultaneously providing a practical washing surface. Adorned with a glazy ceramic coating, this basin exudes an aura of luxury and elegance, making it a desirable addition to any bathroom design.

Box Basins with Mirror

Introduce elegance and practicality into your bathroom with solid Box Basins, complete with an accompanying mirror. Our collection of Box Basin is exceptionally diverse, presenting an assortment of shapes, sizes, and styles to accommodate a range of bathroom design preferences. Choose from our wide selection to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic and functional appeal.


Silver ion enables Micro-Jet cleansing

Slim Edge

Slim corners with deep curved down body enhance your aesthetic elegance

Aerodynamic Shape

Aerodynamic shape for water splash resistivity

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