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High-Performance Premium Water Heater

Enhance your shower experience with Swish Globals’ advanced Water heater, which is more than a geyser. The selection of premium hardware ensures style along with durability. Browse and choose your preferred luxury water heater.

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The water heater is designed to deliver a heightened sense of perception of water on your body, by providing hot water production that is most accurate and compatible with your body temperature.

Covered with a 0.5mm durable blue enamel coating to ensure ultimate protection. High-quality nickel-chromium alloy ensures controlled and accurate heat, while the energy-saving functionality makes it cost-effective.

Building a water purification system ensures bacteria and germ-free water and the instant water heating technology can give you sudden heated water.

The heavy gauge tank has a capacity of 50 litres and 30 liters variation providing ample hot water supply.

The water heater comes with some features such as a Changeable heating mode, Micro temperature control and Brigit LED light adding the heater into the premiumness and luxurious category.

Choose the water heater from our premium water heater collection and elevate your bathing experience to a superior level. Place the order and get your best water heater in United Arab Emirates.

Energy Saver

Volt adjustability to save energy

Slim Design

13 inch diameter to reserve 30L-50L water

Blue Diamond Enamel Coating

Doesn’t let the iron in the water accumulate on the surface

Built-in Circuit Breaker

Electric glitch free built in circuit breaker

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